林常申 (Chang-Shen Lin)

現任: 副教授 Associated professor
Tel:   07-3121101 ext 2136-27
Email: csl@kmu.edu.tw

Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Microbiology, National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)
M.S., Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National Yang-Ming University (Taipei, Taiwan)
B.S., Department of Botany, National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)

Post-doctoral Fellow, National Health Research Institutes (Zhunan, Taiwan)
Post-doctoral Fellow, National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)

Cancer biology, Virology

Carcinogenicity of betel quid, Drug resistance of cancer cells, Tumor viruses, Gene regulation, Stem cell biology


1. 多環芳香烴化合物對肝癌之癌症幹細胞生成的影響 The effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on the generation of liver cancer stem-like cells (科技部MOST) 2017/8/1~2020/7/31 主持人 PI

2. 三陰性乳癌細胞中LGR5蛋白參與侵襲與轉移的相關機制探討以及利用磁性輔助配適體快速篩選平台開發抑制LGR5活性之標靶化療配適體 To investigate the malignant role of LGR5 in triple-negative breast cancer and develop LGR5 targeted chemotherapy aptamer by Magnetic-Assisted Rapid Aptamer Selection (MARAS) (科技部MOST) 2017/8/1~2020/7/31 共同主持人 co-PI

3. 抑制HDAC-FOXM1可提高Sorafenib對肝癌癌幹細胞之毒殺效果 Efficacy of Sorafenib in Liver Cancer Stem Cells is Enhanced by Inhibiting HDAC-FOXM1 Pathway (科技部MOST) 2018/8/1~2019/7/31 共同主持人 co-PI

4. 經由AhR-Jdp2-Nrf2路徑來探討細胞可塑性與氧張力之研究 A Novel Link between Cell Plasticity and Oxygen Tension via the AhR-Jdp2-Nrf2 axis (國衛院NHRI) 2018/1/1~ 2020/12/31 共同主持人co-PI

5. 探討AhR-Nrf2交互作用對於調節幹細胞活性氧化物平衡時所扮演的角色The role of novel crosstalk of AhR-Nrf2 axis to control ROS homeostasis in stem cells (國衛院NHRI) 2015/1/1~ 2017/12/31 共同主持人co-PI

6. 藉JDP2之轉錄來調控細胞防禦作用之離散性和穩固性 Transcriptional control of discreteness and robustness of cellular defense by JDP2 (科技部MOST) 2015/8/1~2017/7/31 共同主持人 co-PI

7. 抑制ATM激酶與五碳糖磷酸途徑以對抗具順鉑抗藥性的癌細胞 Suppression of ATM kinase and pentose phosphate pathway inhibits cisplatin-resistant cancer cells (科技部MOST) 2015/8/1~2016/7/31 主持人 PI

8. 檳榔鹼調控DNA損傷結合蛋白在檳榔相關之口腔癌的角色The role of arecoline regulation of damage-specific DNA binding protein 2 in betel quid-associated oral cavity cancers (國科會NSC) 2013/8/1~ 2014/7/31 主持人PI

9. 探討參與DNA同源重組及核苷酸剪切修補基因在頭頸癌生成及治療上所扮演的角色Exploring the roles of DNA repair genes involved in homologous recombination and nucleotide excision repair in the development and treatment of head and neck cancer (國科會NSC) 2011/8/1~ 2012/7/31 主持人 PI

10. 探討核苷酸剪切修復路徑受檳榔與香菸成分之協同抑制效應並評估其作為頭頸癌生物標誌之潛能Synergistic inhibition of nucleotide excision repair (NER) by arecoline and benze[a]pyrene and evaluation of the use of NER genes as biomarkers for head and neck cancer (國科會NSC) 2010/8/1~ 2012/7/31 共同主持人 co-PI

11. 檳榔鹼調控AURKA及p53表現的機轉,及其對DNA修復,基因體安定性,與頭頸癌發生的影響The roles of arecoline in regulating expressions of AURKA and p53, and in affecting DNA repair and genome stability in head and neck cancer (國科會NSC) 2008/8/1~ 2011/7/31 主持人 PI

12. 頭頸癌幹細胞之DNA修補基因的表現與功能分析The expression and functional analyses of DNA repair genes in head and neck cancer stem-like cells (國科會NSC) 2008/8/1~ 2011/7/31 共同主持人co-PI


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